Northern Ontario Internet Providers


Not that long ago, high speed internet was only for those who could pay for it or who were close to a town. Nowadays, the internet is for everyone, connecting us in our quickly evolving digital lives. Once only for purposes like education and work, connectivity is now everywhere for everyone!

At the cottage or the lodge, where there was previously no internet or poor internet, you can be online now.

Our affiliates are dedicated to keeping up with the newest in digital developments, ensuring that our service can provide the best wireless solutions to the people of Northern Ontario. They’re continuously working on infrastructure and technology to bring the internet anywhere in the province.

In many rural areas, reliable, consistent high speed internet is more of a pipe dream than reality. For those Northern Ontarian’s without Hi-Speed, however, we can make it a reality.

Anywhere in the North

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) determined in December 2016 that high speed Internet is an essential service. Nationwide, you can, and should, have blazing speeds!

More Streaming, More Talking, More Connecting

Stream HD movies, video conference with family across the country and more. The network delivers speeds of up to 25 Mbps to more people, with more uptime.

Upgraded Network

You deserve the best internet, no matter where you are. Our Suppliers invest every year to better improve their networks and give you the fastest, most reliable connection possible. What could you do with a faster connection?

Amazing Speeds

Stream TV shows, movies and more, while keeping in touch with your family. Choose from a variety of packages that fit your speed and data requirements.

Money Back Guarantee

Give a try for 30 days. Not totally satisfied? We’ll give you a refund.

Whole Home Connection

Connect all your family’s devices without any lag. Computers, gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets can all be online together.

In-Home Installation

Our local professionals will install your internet without any fuss, so you can get online, faster.